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technotrans celebrates its 50th anniversary: A new book tells the story

October 1st ,2020 marks 50th anniversary of technotrans SE / Development from garage company to an international technology group / Heinz Harling publishes book on company history [more]

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Refrigeration technology for the production of precision parts: reliable processes and economical cooling

LANG+MENKE GmbH wants to expand its production and relies on an efficient container cooling system made by Reisner Cooling Solutions[more]

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Keeping in touch via app: digital transformation of the technotrans customer service

Live communication with customers worldwide/High service quality thanks to digital support/Customised full-service agreements [more]

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Smooth workflows and additional expertise – Timo Brinkmann appointed new Head of Technical Editorial Department of gds GmbH

Many years of experience in quality management and process coordination Optimization and management of internal interfaces Leader from own ranks Structured, modularized, and in compliance with standards – Compiling technical...[more]

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Cold water without unwanted waste heat in the production area: gwk presents the teco cw series

The teco cw series cools water without any glycol down to 0°C/No warm exhaust air thanks to a connection to the machine cooling system/Quick service thanks to well-established components [more]

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