central cooling systems

Consolidation of distributed cooling installations in a central system

klh central systems are scalable, modular solutions enabling the perfect configuration for every requirement. 

The system has two water circuits, divided into an outdoor compression cooling circuit and an indoor heat exchanger circuit that is cooled via the on-site water supply.

Energy consumption is effectively reduced through the use of ultramodern technologies, such as EC fans, speed-controlled compressors and pumps and a special, proprietary control system.    

Thanks to the integrated "free cooling option", the energy balance of the central system can be further optimised. As a result of the use of low outside air temperatures by the free cooler, the system can run entirely without compression cooling during certain phases.

The operational reliability of the entire system takes top priority at klh. In this context, emergency cooling functions are implemented as backup systems in the standard version while system-critical components are available in redundant form as an option.

  • Advantages at a glance

    • cost reduction through the simple yet effective use of natural cooling resources (outside air)
    • higher energy efficiency thanks to free cooling or heat recovery
    • process stability through constant ambient conditions (temperature, reduced air flow) and, thereby, reduced downtime of the connected equipment
    • minimised space requirements thanks to the central placement of the cooling components
    • low maintenance and cleaning requirements
    • low noise level
    • quick ROI thanks to savings in terms of the total cost of ownership
  • Energy efficiency on an abacus

    The centralisation of the cooling systems, especially when integrating the free cooling option, can lead to significant energy balance improvements.

    The optimum use of the three possible cooling modes:

    • free cooling
    • mixed operation
    • compression refrigeration

    ensures that the energy consumption is reduced to an absolute minimum.

    In Germany, for example, the annual energy consumption for the cooling of machines can be reduced by approximately 50% solely by the smart interaction between free cooling and compression refrigeration following the installation of a central system.

    Depending on the required cooling power, ambient conditions and runtime, return on investment can be reached within a period of 2 to 5 years.

central.cooling - an investment in the future!


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