Process chillers for industrial applications

Active cooling with variable configuration options for numerous technical applications

The omega.line series is based on a modular cooling concept that can be optimally adapted to the application at hand thanks to its wide range of options. The space-saving design, energy-efficient technology and increased control accuracy are just some of the numerous advantages of the omega.line series. In line with our philosophy "Connect, set and run", the tasks required for the start-up of the system can be drastically reduced thanks to its particularly straightforward microprocessor control panel.

A chiller of the omega.line series is a user-friendly cooling system that complements your production process in an efficient and reliable manner.

omega.line - cooling capacity: 6 up to 63 kW

  • Technology at a glance

    • dual-frequency version in accordance with the IEC standard
    • compact housing for outdoor installation, galvanised and double-coated
    • integrated protective grille for the condenser
    • pressure-controlled fan control
    • fully hermetic compressor, 100% suction-cooled
    • pressure gauge for the water outlet pressure
    • evaporator as a heat exchanger, made of stainless steel, protected against condensation
    • termostatic expansion valve
    • 2-stage level switch for a low water level indication and protection against dry operation
    • collective fault indication and remote control feature as a floating contact
    • microprocessor-controlled temperature controller with digital set/actual indication
    • automatic output control
    • corrosion-resistant water circuit with a stainless steel tank, protected against condensation
    • water circulation pumps made of stainless steel, depending on the specific requirements
    • corrosion-resistant water circuit with fixed pipes made of copper or PVC
  • Equipment options

    • outlet pressure (3 bar or 5 bar)
    • increased control accuracy (+/- 2 K, +/- 1 K or +/- 0.5 K)
    • energy-efficient, power-controlled design
    • water-cooled version with a stainless steel heat exchanger as the condenser
    • active heating for quick operational readiness
    • version in accordance with the NEC standard
    • UL main components/approval
    • single core marking
    • different types of cooling media (water/glycol, Di water, etc.)
    • water circuit without non-ferrous metals
    • integrated media filtration
    • special equipment for outdoor installation, use in a tropical climate and basement set-up


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