tpw.line - Tank pump heat exchanger station

Passive cooling – a standardised and compact solution

The tpw.line series offers a passive recooling concept that withdraws the waste heat from industrial processes and feeds it into the superordinate on-site water supply system. The applied heat exchanger technology enables precise cooling by using the customer-provided building or cooling water with a lower temperature level.

Recooling systems can also be used for separating different media and, in combination with a central cooling system, for supplying several pieces of equipment based on different requirements.

The tpw.line series with its space-saving design and standardised concept over the entire power range can be used for numerous different technical applications and offers reliable and robust cooling technology.

tpw.line - cooling capacity 5 up to 300 kW

  • Technology at a glance

    • compact, fully assembled cooling system on mounting plate, standard version for indoor installation
    • process components made of corrosion-resistant materials
    • plate heat exchanger in stainless steel, Cu-soldered, insulated
    • stainless steel high pressure centrifugal pump in refrigeration circuit
    • stainless steel tank with float switch for monitoring the filling level
    • piping of PVC-U circuits
    • manometer in the feed flow coolant
    • cooling water circuit with 3-way valve, can be switched over by a ball valve in the bypass to 2-way operation
    • microprocessor-controlled temperature controller with digital setpoint and actual value display
    • temperature controller contains a menu control in German or English with individual alarm display and alarm memory
    • temperature stability ± 2 K
    • collective fault signal on potential-free contact
    • remote control for potential-free contact
  • Equipment options

    • optimal design according to customer operating conditions, also beyond the standard operating limits: cold carrier discharge temperature < +1 ° C or > + 50 ° C, power > 180 kW
    • dirt filters with ball valves
    • overflow valve for protection of the process pump when pumped against closed valves
    • cellar installation with check valve and electric ball valves
    • piping made of ABS, Cu or stainless steel
    • ball valves at inlet and outlet
    • temperature accuracy up to +/- 0.5 K
    • cranable
    • with castors
    • special heat exchangers, e.g. stainless steel screwed, nickel soldered
    • outdoor installation (including housing)
    • version with cover or integrated into a compact housing
    • special colour
    • automatic chiller support
    • flow monitor
    • pump for larger delivery heat > 3 bar
    • pumps in redundancy and sequence switching
    • additional pressure indication with manometer
    • operating voltage 460V / 60Hz, UL-compliant
    • industrial connector, CEE connector


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