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Pilot project: technotrans develops new cooling solution for electric lorry prototypes

Close development partnership between technotrans and ZF Friedrichshafen AG / technotrans has developed the entire thermal management system

Cutting-edge electromobility project: technotrans SE has developed a customised thermal management system for a completely electric lorry prototype made by the ZF Friedrichshafen AG technology group. Battery, electric motor, and power electronics are cooled by the technotrans system. This solution is characterised by its high level of energy efficiency which, in turn, has a positive effect on the range of the vehicle.  The aim of the project is the practical presentation, testing and further development of the fully electric truck drive.

"The nationwide electrification of the transport system is closely linked to advanced cooling technology. Energy-efficient mobility concepts can only be created through specifically designed thermal management,"says Michael Finger, spokesman of the board at technotrans SE. For the lorry prototype, technotrans has developed a new system with smart components that are specifically adapted to the high-voltage technology.

The high-voltage technology works with voltages that only very few components on the market can handle. Normally, expensive DC/DC voltage transformers are used in cases like these. technotrans decided instead to cooperate with a compressor manufacturer and develop an innovative high-voltage refrigeration compressor to which the battery voltage can be directly connected. This saves money and offers numerous advantages in terms of weight and required space.

Energy efficiency and range at the focus of interest
The components of the new solution are used to control the cooling capacity automatically, thereby ensuring the ideal temperature throughout the entire system at all times. “This enables us to maximise the operational reliability and service life of the components and, at the same time, to realise a high level of energy efficiency. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the range of the lorry as it puts less strain on the traction battery,” explains Finger. Automatic control is realised with a special energy management software program, which is a key element of the cooling unit technology from technotrans.

technotrans integrates all of these components in a particularly compact unit which is installed in the vehicle instead of a diesel tank.