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Smooth workflows and additional expertise – Timo Brinkmann appointed new Head of Technical Editorial Department of gds GmbH

  • Many years of experience in quality management and process coordination
  • Optimization and management of internal interfaces
  • Leader from own ranks

Structured, modularized, and in compliance with standards – Compiling technical documentation is complex. Technical documentation not only needs to include all of the relevant information but also be suitable for professional translation into various languages, and be CE-compliant. For these reasons, gds Group, a full-service provider for technical documentation, is strengthening its technical editorial department. Effective immediately, Timo Brinkmann will take over the management of this department to optimize processes and interfaces.

“I am excited about my new area of activity and working with the technical writers,” says Brinkmann. His primary objective is to further shape internal interdepartmental workflows in relation to sales, project planning, workload planning, and actual cost determination. Further topics also include not least the prioritization of tasks and improving internal communication.

Brinkmann is well-prepared for his new position, and he brings all the required skills to the table. He started his career at gds as a technical writer and steadily continued growing professionally. Having been with the company for the past thirteen years, the new head of the technical editorial department has been working as a system consultant for a long time, and to this day, fulfills the position of Quality Management Representative. Most recently, he has been managing the department of project and process controlling of the full-service provider which he will continue to run.

With Brinkmann as the new head, the technical editorial department stands to benefit from both his technical knowledge of project controlling and his expertise in areas of consulting, conceptual design and evaluation. As a seasoned and skilled professional at gds, Brinkmann is a graduate business economist and possesses extensive knowledge in IT management. gds is thus relying on a leader from its ranks, who combines technical expertise with many years of experience at the company.

For more information see www.gds.eu/de