Category: technotrans, 2019

technotrans introduces new cooling units and an environmentally friendly refrigerant

  • Advanced alpha.c and beta.c combination units
  • Improved energy efficiency thanks to a new refrigeration concept
  • Use of the environmentally friendly and safe R513A refrigerant

Stronger focus on environmentally friendly technologies: technotrans SE has revised its alpha.c and beta.c dampening solution circulation and ink unit temperature control combination units. Thanks to new process engineering, the new devices have improved energy efficiency. In addition, the company now uses the refrigerant R513A of safety group A1 for many of its cooling and temperature control systems in line with the EU-wide F-Gas Regulation. The non-flammable refrigerant has a lower global warming potential (GWP) and does not require the implementation of any special safety measures.

The new refrigerant will be used, for example, in the advanced alpha.c and beta.c dampening solution circulation and ink unit temperature control combination units. The next generation of these products complies with the latest standards and market requirements. Thanks to an innovative refrigeration concept, the units are now even more energy-efficient. "The beta.c unit has two separate refrigeration circuits for the dampening solution and the temperature control of the ink units so that both circuits are cooled directly. In addition, the internal cooling circuit pump, which is still part of today's units, will no longer be required. This leads to an energy saving potential of more than 20%," explains Eike Moes, head of the dampening solution technology business unit.

Moreover, the air-cooled beta.c units are equipped with condensers based on the mini-channel technology: Due to the reduced pipe diameter, the circuits require less refrigerant so that all types of these units (also those with water cooling) maintain their compact design and small footprint.

In addition, technotrans has improved numerous details in order to optimise the performance, availability, ease of operation and service accessibility of the units.

Changeover to an environmentally friendly refrigerant
"With R513A, we took the conscious decision to use a safe refrigerant for both environmental and safety reasons. We continue to rely on non-flammable refrigerants that ease the burden of our customers using our equipment," explains Moes. Another reason for the changeover is the EU F-Gas Regulation. Our aim is to protect the climate by reducing environmentally harmful emissions. This is where refrigerants with a high GWP value play a role. Thanks to the new, environmentally friendly R513A refrigerant, technotrans can lower this value considerably. Comparison: The GWP value of common, safe refrigerants such as R407C is 1,774, whereas it is only 631 in the case of R513A.

Unlike in the case of flammable refrigerants, the regulations for safe refrigerants with a lower GWP value are less strict. As a result, the handling, maintenance intervals and prescribed leak tests remain on today's rather low level, thereby saving time and money.

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