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Vaccine cooling taken to the next level: technotrans develops a sustainable multi-zone solution

technotrans container solution for vaccine cooling ECOtec.cold storage

Combination of a low-temperature cell (-80°C) and a separate variable-temperature zone / Ready-for-use turn-key container solution / Storage of vaccines at different temperature levels / Suitable for transport and as a stationary solution

Safety and energy efficiency in perfect harmony: With ECOtec.cold storage, technotrans SE has developed a new low-temperature container solution for storing vaccines. The special feature of this solution is an efficient multi-zone system consisting of a low-temperature storage compartment with a temperature of -80°C and a zone with a variable sub-zero temperature, e.g. -20°C. Since each of these rooms is an insulated cell, the concept thus prevents undesired moisture from entering the cold storage room and saves energy thanks to lower temperature differences. However, the most important advantage of this concept is its individuality: Vaccines of different manufacturers can be stored reliably and under stable conditions at their respective optimum temperature level in a joint storage facility.

"ECOtec.cold storage combines technical needs and a sustainable concept. With this solution, we offer our customers a readily available system for immediate mobile and stationary use – also as a customised version," says Thomas Imenkämper, Managing Director of Reisner Cooling Solutions . The subsidiary of technotrans SE manufactures the containers as complete turn-key systems, including the integrated refrigeration technology in a redundant setup, all of the necessary pipes and cables, a state-of-the-art PLC control and monitoring system with a high safety standard and data logging capability as well as an optional remote control. In contrast to conventional solutions, technotrans relies on a redundant design of the integrated cooling technology. Users thus benefit from an extremely high level of operational reliability, as the redundant components ensure the functionality of the system in the event of a potential failure and thus also the optimum storage of the vaccines.

The technotrans design is characterised by its low noise emissions enabling the system to be set up in hospitals or residential areas. The containers are manufactured in a new 2,000 m² production area which is equipped with heavy-duty cranes and has been specifically designed for the parallel production of several containers.

"We are prepared to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic with this product and have already contacted several potential customers," explains Michael Finger. "Thanks to our long-standing technological experience and problem-solving expertise, we tackle the current challenges not only with a reliable storage solution, but we also create true value for its users beyond the current vaccination campaign due to our sustainable concept."

Contact person:
Thomas Imenkämper
Managing Director of Reisner Cooling Solutions GmbH
Fon: +49 (0) 2301 91013-12

For further information, please visit www.technotrans.com