Corporate Culture

Thinking is the start of all

Our thinking is determined by our customers. We put ourselves in their position and offer them the products and service that they need for success.

Neither material nor location are primarily responsible for our success. Our company is based on our skills.
Thinking determines our action. Everyone is encouraged to question everything. We endeavour to be the best.

We think globally.

Learning is the key to success

Our company is a learning organism that creates and develops its own identity.

The company's responsibility is to give basic fertile conditions, which enable all employees to learn.
This way of learning leads to an improvement of our performance and knowledge, which we can then use in order to achieve a profitable result for all.

This learning will create an open and positive atmosphere enriched by the communication between employees, suppliers and customers.

Without action all is nothing

Our acting is the source of experience, and experience helps to create knowledge.

Acting quickly and effectively are strengths that we seek to improve, in order to maintain our longer-term strength in the world market.

Acting locally within markets ensures that we give our customers the best possible service.